About me:


My name is Lars Kretschmer  (lk78.photo). This web site is a story about my journey, a journey that never ends, a story that will always be told because it includes so many other awesome stories of magical moments and people. My passion for arts and photography became real in 2007. After a few jobs in front of the camera I wanted to explore the world behind the lens. And this was the moment when my real passion started. My journey is full of mistakes, new adventures and exploring different ideas. That means that not every picture I took is one of the bests in the world. But the journey teaches me to get better and better every day. Today, as a visual artist using photography to express my artistic vision. My purpose is to tell stories to inspire and get in touch with the emotions of the viewer, in ways they can relate to. These pictures may reflect happiness, love or strength through composition, lighting, and the subject.